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To quote Benjamin Franklin: “By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail” and this is certainly true with accident scene management. It’s no use waiting until the accident happens to consider who should be in charge; and what resources they may need; and where technical support can be found; and ….


Workshop format

This workshop for directors and senior managers is formatted as follows:

·         A 1-day session, held in-house and personally facilitated by Andy Farrall, at which the senior management team can design in detail their strategy for managing an accident. Andy will also make an audio recording of this workshop

·         Over the next few days Andy will use the audio recording and his notes to draft a skeleton emergency response strategy for the company

·         The company will receive a CD containing a copy of the audio recording (MP3 file) and a Word copy of the draft skeleton strategy which they can then adjust to suit their precise needs

·         All information discussed in the workshop will be treated as confidential

·         The fee for this workshop will be fixed, regardless of location or how long it takes to prepare the draft skeleton strategy

For more information about this crucial service, and to book a date convenient to your senior staff, please contact us either via the Contact Us page or by calling us on 0208 720 7162